Three brothers, one lockdown. Uni and school closed, jobs on hold, no money coming in from anywhere – not that there’s anything to spend it on but even so we’re hoping for a future… and soon.

So we’ve pooled our talents – Archie’s photography, Jake’s marketing skills and Charlie’s imagination… oh and his savings came in handy too. We thought about what we might do – it took a while because we all like different things but dinosaurs was the one thing we could agree on – dinosaurs are cool no? We came up with some graphics (that took a while too), sourced hoodies and tees that don’t cost the earth (either environmentally or in terms of Charlie’s savings) and we wore them around when we finally managed to get out over the summer. And everybody we knew wanted one so we ordered more… and then some more… and here we are seeing if we can take them further than that.

We’re a micro family business just seeing what might happen – who knows? We’re doing things right along the way and making sure that nobody in our supply chain is unfairly treated and that our products have minimal impact on the planet.

If you like what we do and you buy our product then we thank you. We really do. And we hope our tops bring you pleasure because let’s face it – this year hasn’t been a great one so we all need something to make us smile.